Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's save talented young darts player


Dear all,

After suffering 2 years without diagnosis, our invaluable friend, great son, gentle brother, talented darts player ERDENEBAT "BACHO" Boldbaatar, was diagnosed with disseminated tuberculosis, uremia and renal failure in early 2010.

Bacho was born in July 6th, 1984, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. His father, Boldbaatar, was an intelligent, polite, and noble person with a unique purpose to originate the first Mongolian Darts Association in Mongolia. Unfortunately, in 1998 by God’s will, he left his family, his friends, and the First Mongolian Darts Association formed by him.

In 2008, Bacho had a small surgery to his right hand, but unlikely the blood got infected. Subsequently, the infection hit the backbone and Bacho barely could walk. From 2008 to 2009, Mongolian doctors were in charge of the procedure, but the health was getting worse and worse. Family decided to take him to China and Korea to diagnose. Unfortunately, it was just a waste of money and time. Nobody knew what is wrong with him.

Early in the morning of January 22nd, 2010, Bacho’s mother and brother received horrible, terrifying and unbelievable news from the doctors, Bacho has only 7 days to live. At that time, Bacho was paralyzed and could not even talk. Fortunately, after few days “Bumrungrad International” hospital in Thailand decided to take the responsibility. (It was the last chance and hope). They warned that this is a big risk to take a plane, and even he makes to Thailand he has only 3% of survival chance. Bacho was placed directly to the Intensive Care Unit which costs $5000 daily. After few days, doctors confirmed that Bacho’s survival chances increased ten times becoming 30% (Heart started stabilizing; kidney started operating). Doctors are shocked how Bacho is fighting for life. But we know, he is fighting for his purpose, he is fighting for his family, he is fighting for his friends, and he is fighting for the bright future that he deserves….

Doctors require him to stay at the Intensive Care Unit for least 2-3 more weeks, which costs $70,000 (this fee needs to be paid up-front). If after 2 weeks doctors decide to move him to a normal room, it will cost $500 per day (and treatment will continue for 9 months), which makes it to stand at around $90,000. The total approximate cost: $160,000.

His family already sold their apartment; his sole brother sold his car. Nothing left anymore in the family, but hope. Today, we, Bacho’s friends, decided to help him and his family. Please, join us to save the great young man who should continue his journey of life with his family and friends. Please help us to spread this information all over the world.

Thank You for your attention and help…

Please, join us to save the young man's life...

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