Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Hardest Working Man In Mobile

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The pace at Xiaomi has slowed somewhat since the early days, though employees continue to pull 10-to-10 schedules before major product launches. "But we are still happy every day, " says Joy Han, a Xiaomi spokeswoman.

The hardest worker, employees are fond of pointing out, remains Lei. Lin estimates that his partner easily works 100 hours a week. Huang Jiangli, who oversees the company's new $110 home media server, has four-hour morning meeting every Saturday with the boss to go over product plans. The server, if all goes accordingly to strategy, will allow users to easily control the coming wave of new devices, such as smart thermostats and appliances-many of which Xiaomi no doubt wants to make itself.
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From Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/9 - 6/22, 14 Issue
- With Bruce Einhorn and Christina Larson

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