Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stubborn Entrepreneurs

In the face of everybody is telling them they are wrong. Let's take Google. You see these stubborn entrepreneurs, even in the face of guy who gave them the money saying "Do it this way, you are wrong." And they say "No, you are wrong, my vision is right, screw you." They end making the most money.
I think a lot of VCs, unfortunately say, "This is hot sector, we need to fund a company in that sector." So they do. The CEO behaves almost like he is an employee of the VC. The best founders I have seen, they do not care about any of that stuff. They are just pursuing their vision with a relentless abandon.

From Tarang Shah's interview with Mike Maples (FLOODGate Fund: Twitter, Chegg, Digg, SolarWinds, ModCloth).
Venture Capitalists at Work

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